Volume Rebonding At Zinc Salon: UPDATE

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Korean Volume Rebonding Update

I’ve been receiving requests for updates on the Volume Rebonding that I did for my hair at Zinc Salon, and so I finally decided to bite the bullet and draw my final conclusions.

It took me a long awhile to come up with this post – 3 months to be precise, because I wanted to really give a fair and honest review. And also, because the conclusion wasn’t an easy one for me to make. As much as I would have loved to jump for joy and pronounce the Volume Rebonding a success, I can’t. And that isn’t easy at all because of all the money spent, and all the emotional investment (yes, vain is an emotion).

But in the spirit of strictly unbiased and objective reviews, here’s my final verdict:

It lasted almost a good 3 months, and now I’m disappointed with the end results.

Before you decide to dismiss this, please read on for a more in depth conclusion. First, some pictures.

I really do love the simple elegance of this hairstyle, especially when paired with the right outfits. It adds a subtle touch of classiness and sophistication that I really adore. It can also be worn in many different ways – swept to the side for a coy, coquettish look during a dinner date, or casually tossed around the shoulders for the girl-next-door vibes.

Korean Volume Rebonding UpdateThis was taken just after getting out of bed. Hair was washed and conditioned the night before going to bed.

Korean Volume Rebonding Update Korean Volume Rebonding Update
In the pics above, hair was not styled and left to dry on its own. All I did was tie it up into a lose bun to set the curls.

Korean Volume Rebonding UpdateStyled by twisting.

The Good

The curls are still holding up well, there’s really no doubt about that.

I’m a very hassle-free kind of person. I don’t enjoy using curling products or fussing with rollers, and I don’t even blowdry my hair (because that causes my hair to dry up further).

So it really gives me relief that all I need to do is give the ends a good twirl, for about 15-20 minutes, and intermittently thereafter. When I’m feeling extra hardworking, I’ll twirl when I’m standing in line, when I’m walking to work, or when I’m at my desk (as discretely as possible of course). After a light tousle to shake out the spirals and some primping in front of a mirror, the curls look soft, wavy and natural.

This is a Volume Rebonding, so the perm is only really just half of it all. And I’m pleased to report that the rebonded section at the middle and the crown of my head is doing pretty well, too. There’s all that smoothness from the very first day. It’s sleek and relatively manageable, and comparable to the Shiseido Rebonding that used to be my  holy grail for long silky hair.

The Bad

I’m gonna come out and say it – the ends of my hair are now dry, brittle and fried. On top of all that, perms tend to strip your hair of its previous dye colour, and so the bottom of my hair has now turned an awful streaky bronze.

I managed to get by these last 2 months with the bare minimum – conditioner applied once a day, and olive oil rubbed into the ends every other day. On the 3rd month, I decided to really put it to the test by skipping the conditioner and oil altogether. Here’s the thing – my hair was already badly damaged. Essentially, the moment it grows out of your scalp, hair is already ‘dead’, and it gets ‘deader’ by the minute. So when I stopped applying conditioner and oil, my hair reverted back to its original state instantly, as you can see from the pictures above.

That was a major wake-up call to me.

It’s important to remember that chemical treatments and products strip off Protein and Ceramides from your hair. These are important components for strong healthy hair, and without them, the hair gets frizzled and damaged. And so it was very essential that after an intensive session, I should have revisited the salon after a few weeks to pile on the nutrients. But I didn’t, and that was where things started to go wrong. I also didn’t have the time to pamper my hair back to life.

My final verdict – “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Before going for the Volume Rebonding, my hair was already in very bad shape. It was coloured and highlighted, and on top of all that, it had been through years of hot ironing, sometimes even without heat protectant. So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that the results aren’t pretty.

Still, Zinc Salon remains a highly regarded salon in my eyes. The meticulous service, the expertise of the stylists and their stunning portfolio (and happy customers) won me over. It’s very obvious that the stylists have a firm grasp on the latest trends and fashions. They know what looks hot, what looks hip, and they are able to deliver. You might even walk out of the salon feeling like a Korean superstar (;

And finally, although on the pricey side, the Zinc is still less expensive than many high-end salons that offer the same service.

All in all, I will definitely be going back to them.

What to take home from all this?

The Volume Rebonding at Zinc Salon is definitely worth a shot if you already have healthy, well-maintained hair. The results are going to be stunning. BUT. If you have hair like mine, be prepared to lavish all your the time and TLC on your hair. Because if you don’t, even the best salon in the world wouldn’t be able to salvage it for you.

**Plug! To those looking for an alternative, do check out my pal Mia from MollyMia, for a review on the Mucota Rebonding at Focus Hairdressing (: **

Have you decided where you’ll be heading to pamper your precious locks? Do you have any experiences of your own to share? Drop me a comment below!


  • 4 years ago

    If you didn’t say that your ends turn streaky bronze due to the perm, I would have thought you ombred it. But I’ll wonder why you choose that colour…..

    • lingslovelythings
      4 years ago

      It would have been the only suitable ombre colour for work, though :p

  • 4 years ago

    Oh nooo, so how now? Are you gonna trim your hair?
    I’m intending to do my hair again, maybe try out the mucota rebonding recommended by Mia!

    • lingslovelythings
      4 years ago

      I might just be going for a shoulder length bob this time. We’ll see (: Let me know how the Mucota rebonding goes!

  • Re.w
    4 years ago

    Hi!! Is post treatment for permed hair super important? Will the hair become super dry without it? I’m considering to do c curls at the bottom! I have dry, wavy n frizzy hair by nature. But I rebonded my hair thrice.

    • lingslovelythings
      4 years ago

      Hi dear, yes the post treatment is important, try not to skip it!

      Pre-treatment is also important, given that you’ve rebonded your hair thrice. If you can afford to wait for 2 weeks – 1 month, try to get your hair back into shape by loading your hair with hair treatment products like the Redken Extreme – Hair Strengthening Shampoo, followed by the Redken All Soft Heavy Cream. Also, trim off as much of the ends as possible, because that’s usually where damage is the worst. Hope this helps :)

  • s
    4 years ago

    Hi, i would like to rebond and colour my hair as I have really frizzy hair and I havent colour my hair for almost a year as I was pregnant. I was thinking of going to salon vim, but I heard that they are good at colouring. So far never heard any good bout rebonding there. Could u pls give me some advice as im also very very anal when it comes to hair as I have few bad experience at some salons. Thanks!

    • lingslovelythings
      4 years ago

      Hi S! 1 year should rightfully provide sufficient ‘rest’ time for your hair. It’s good to trim off as much of the ends as you can, and also invest in good quality haircare products that you can use on your own.

      I’ve never visited Salon Vim so I can’t comment, but I swear by the good old Shiseido Hair Rebonding, which is what I used to go for on a yearly basis. Klearcut (located at Far East Plaza) is the Salon that I used to visit, and I’ll always request for a Senior stylist to attend to me.

      Other than doing research and deciding on the stylist/salon, there are a Few things that I always make a point of doing:
      1. I avoid cheap deals like Groupon etc. It’s an industry ‘secret’ that cheap products are commonly used. And bottom-line is, I”m a firm believer that what you pay is what you get.
      2. Before starting, I’ll request for my hair to be handled by that one stylist alone (blowdrying, washing, applying of treatment is OK of course).
      3. I’ll make an appointment for a weekday afternoon to avoid the crowd, and have the full attention of the stylist.

      Hope this helps, and good luck on your hair journey. Would love it if you can leave an update here, to share your experience with us too :)

  • Kelly Tan
    4 years ago

    Hi! I’ve visited Zinc Salon upon reading your review. Instead of going for the volume rebonding first, I cut and did the hair treatment at the salon as my hair was really dry. Can I wash my hair on the day the hair treatment was done?

    • lingslovelythings
      4 years ago

      Hi Kelly, I rarely wash my hair after a treatment because I want to let my hair absorb the nutrients fully, and also frequent shampooing really dries out the hair *Kiasuism* If you really must, remember to wash it with cold water!

      Hope you’ll enjoy the volume rebonding like I did! Do keep me updated :)

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