Volume Rebonding at Zinc Salon

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Volume Rebonding At Zinc Salon

My decision to go for volume rebonding was a rather sudden one, but absolutely loved.

To give you a lowdown on my hair – the biggest damage suffered has been from 2-3 years of flat ironing/curling, often without hair protectant. I figured it wouldn’t hurt for just one more time (of laziness)…right? WRONG. My poor hair suffered, and was in desperate need of hair A&E – as Msa had so succinctly put it.

And so finally, after months of distress and looking like a walking mane of hair, I came to a decision to put an end to all that suffering….

Enter Zinc Salon.

I stumbled upon Zinc salon whilst trawling through page after page of “volume rebonding” results. Because there really aren’t that many salons specializing in volume rebonding, not to mention salons that offered quality service for a decent price, it didn’t take me long to decide on Zinc. Hint: Beauty Undercover is a particularly good go-to site for honest-to-goodness reviews. Do your homework – you won’t regret it.

Volume Rebonding At Zinc SalonWhat my hair looked like previously.

Before I go into the actual process, here’s a little info on volume rebonding. Volume rebonding is achieved by a combination of rebonding the top section of hair, and a perm at the bottom. Sounds daunting? Not when the results are a beautiful blend of soft, straight hair on top, and pretty, natural curls at the bottom. See, it’s really about having the best of both worlds – not even remotely possible with traditional rebonding or perm, where you’re either stuck with poker-straight hair, or frizzy, messy curls. If either of the above catches your fancy, then good for you, those can be really pretty if done well, too. If you want to try something different this time, though, read on.

Volume Rebonding At Zinc SalonI arrived at Zinc at 2.30pm, nervous and honestly not knowing what to expect. Unlike most of my trips to the hair salon, I had only a very rough idea of what I wanted in mind.

Now, I’m absolutely anal when it comes to hair, after several (more than once is one time too many, to me) horrible experiences with hairstylists over the years. To be honest I would much rather have lived with a lion’s mane, than let another bad stylist ruin them again. But this time, I decided to go with my strong gut feeling (a good one!) and take the plunge.

Volume Rebonding At Zinc SalonVolume Rebonding At Zinc Salon
The busy salon on a Saturday afternoon. Call in advance, and always make a booking for an early appointment so that your stylist has ample time to spare on your precious locks. Never, ever rush an appointment.

Volume Rebonding At Zinc Salon
MD came together with me for some tress trimming of his own #vaincouple

I should mention at this point that whilst waiting for Rena, I observed the other patrons in the shop, and was blown away by just how good they looked. It was jaw dropping, I kid you not.

The salon assistant passed me a red robe, just before my stylist, Rena arrived.

We started by discussing the hairstyle that I wanted, and the first thing I noted was Rena’s genuine interest in her patron’s concerns – I recognize passion and dedication when I see it, and I just felt safe in her hands.

After requesting for some photos as reference, she whipped out an iPad that’s loaded with portfolio pieces – snapshots of real-life patrons of their own, and not some hair magazine rip-off – and started explaining to me, image by image, the different hairstyles that were suitable and would look good on me. It was that moment when I made the decision to leave it to Rena. Plus, one look at that iPad and I was sold – every single cut is amazing.
Volume Rebonding At Zinc Salon

We started the process with a hair cut. At least 4 inches of hair were taken off, with Rena meticulously snipping away at my dreadful mane.

This was followed by the 4-step hair treatment, that I badly needed.

Volume Rebonding At Zinc Salon
Next comes the perm, one of the main highlights of the day. Here, the bottom sections of my hair are carefully rolled into strips. I watched in amusement as Rena fussed and tutted over my hair behind me – it turned out that she had made a decision to go with a mixture of S and C curves, instead of the all-C curves that we had initially decided on.

Volume Rebonding At Zinc Salon
After the perm, my hair emerged in tight, corkscrew curls. Rena knew what to expect (freaked out customers), and gave me a very warm assurance that the curls will loosen up.

Volume Rebonding At Zinc Salon
The next step is the rebonding. Here’s the lovely Rena herself, in deep concentration as she slides the heating iron down my hair.

Volume Rebonding At Zinc Salon
We had a nice chat whilst Rena was straightening my hair, and I was pleasantly surprised by the relative ease of communication. Her warm presence was reassuring and comforting, and made the entire experience just this much better. She explained how to maintain my hair – “always blow dry after a hair wash, and if you can’t blow dry, at least twirl your hair at the ends so that the curls will remain”.

Volume Rebonding At Zinc Salon Volume Rebonding At Zinc Salon
The final step was to let my soak my hair up in the neutralizer, which is essential in locking in the shape of your hair.

The whole volume rebonding was was amazingly fast – much faster than I’d expected. We started at 3pm, and ended at 6. But I was also very, very happy towards the end…

Volume Rebonding At Zinc Salon
But first, an update on MD’s men’s haircut…Nicky, the director, had given him a cut that was very subtle, but with a very edgy and trendy twist.

Volume Rebonding At Zinc Salon
And voila! Here are my brand new locks, and I am in love.

Volume Rebonding At Zinc Salon

I am super anal – I really am. It’s the very reason that has kept me from doing any form of rebonding or perm, to my hair.

That said, swear to god, I love my new ‘do. You know that single, wonderful day when everything has gone according to plan, and then some? Well, this was that day for me. The last time I ran my fingers through soft, silky smooth hair like THIS?

It was a wig that I own.

It’s an extremely good feeling when you leave a hair salon, feeling light-hearted, happy and satisfied, because IT IS SO RARE.

That said, I do concede that many hairdos fall flat on expectations after several washes. Which begs the burning question – how long will it last???

So to leave an honest and fair review, I will be updating in another couple of weeks time. If you’re interested but not willing to part with your cash just yet, please check back then to see what’s in store :)

Total Damage = $470 for Cut + Treatment + Volume Rebonding

Volume Rebonding At Zinc Salon Price

Zinc Korean Hair Salon
176, Orchard Rd #04-16,
Singapore 238843
Tel: 6235 9891 Email: zincsalonmanager@gmail.com
Opening Hours
Mon – Fri :10:00 – 21:00
Sat, Sun, P.H : 10:00 – 18:00


  • 4 years ago

    so gorgeous! do review the maintenance efforts in a few weeks time!

  • lingslovelythings
    4 years ago

    Thank you! Yep, I’ll be posting an update soon. Stay tuned ;)

  • Tinsey
    4 years ago

    Hello. May I know if there are any update? This looks good, I am thinking of visiting too!

  • Natalie
    4 years ago

    Hi ! Any updates on the hair? I’m really interested in getting my hair done these few days :) thanks!!

    • lingslovelythings
      4 years ago

      Hi dears, the ends have gotten dryer but the curls are still holding up very well, with minimal styling. I am also very pleased with the upper half of my hair, that’s now sleek and glossy.

      I would say that it’s value for money, but decided to push the bar a little higher and wait for another month before giving an in-depth update. If you’re patient enough to wait, do check back then (: Otherwise, I would love to hear your experiences too!

  • Kin
    4 years ago

    wow your hair looks amazing! (: i was wondering, since the volume rebonding starts at $260, how much was is for you since your hair length was quite long

    • lingslovelythings
      4 years ago

      Hi dear, thanks :) I still paid the price of $260 for the volume rebonding itself. So that’s $55(haircut) + $260 (VR) + $150 (treatment).

  • raudhah
    4 years ago

    hey dear, I love your hairdo. Just wanted to check with you, how long does the smooth,silky feeling last? lol, basically how long does this volume rebonding last and did it take a lot of care? I have always been to shunji and decided to try a new hair salon. thanks!

    • lingslovelythings
      4 years ago

      Hi babes, thank you for your interest! I’ve just posted an update on this. For more details, please view it here (:

  • 3 years ago

    Hi Ling

    I’m Agent G from Beauty Undercover, a website reviewing beauty salons in Singapore :)
    Thank you for mentioning us on your page! Really appreciate it!

    Would you mind if we publish an excerpt of your blog post and link to your page here: http://www.beautyundercover.sg/hair/zinc-korean-hair-salon-orchard-centrepoint/

    Let us know :) and hope you have a great week ahead.

    Agent G

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  • Kat
    1 year ago

    Look fine :-) But sorry, I don’t see much difference before and after. Looks like a good American curler will do the job.

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