Sakura Day

Woke up this morning to a conversation on the strange phenomenon that’s been going on around our island – the blossoming trumpet trees. Qin had posted a few pictures and articles in our group chat, and it spurred me to track down these trumpet trees for a phototaking session.

Sakura Day Street Photography Sakura Day Street Photography
A cute little old man who was taking a slow walk, lost in a dreamy little world.

Sakura Day Street Photography Sakura Day Street Photography
Finally, I arrived at a row of blossoming trumpet trees. It was a a beautiful, endless sea of pinks and whites.

Sakura Day Trumpet Tree Blossoms Sakura Day Trumpet Tree Blossoms Sakura Day Trumpet Tree Blossoms Sakura Day Trumpet Tree Blossoms Sakura Day Trumpet Tree Blossoms Sakura Day Trumpet Tree Blossoms
A pair of lovebirds were taking a romantic stroll….

Sakura Day Trumpet Tree Blossoms
And a couple stopped by for some shots, among many others who had also whipped out their phones and snapped away.

Sakura Day Trumpet Tree BlossomsSakura Day Trumpet Tree Blossoms
How can this possibly be Singapore, right? So amazing (:

Spot the birdie in the tree. It was having a midday snack…flower petals!

Sakura Day Trumpet Tree Blossoms Sakura Day Trumpet Tree Blossoms
I thoroughly exhausted (but enjoyed) myself after running from one tree to another. What’s amazing about this ‘phenomenon’ is how us pragmatic Singaporeans have been stopping in our tracks just to smell the flowers (literally). Beautiful shots of the flowers have been popping up throughout the internet (taken by amateur and professional photographers alike), and there’s just something really heartwarming about this.

A brief note on these trumpet trees – the theory behind the phenomenon, is that after a 27 day dry spell experienced island wide, flowers have had an island-wide conspiracy to celebrate the end of the dry spell, and are springing into bloom after one whole week of rain! I kid. This article provides a possible explanation:

The mass flowering is especially rare for a country like Singapore. The local climate of uniformly wet without prolonged period of dry spell does not cause such mass flowering to occur. However, the prolonged dry spell in the recent month followed by a sudden heavy rain triggered the intense mass flowering of the Trumpet Tree and thus bringing the ‘Singapore Sakura’ into NUS.

The blossoming trees ‘phenomenon’ isn’t something that’s new to Singapore…and I know this because my memories of these pretty blossoming trees have dated as far back as Primary School: I know that alongside a big drain next to the MRT track from Ang Mo Kio towards Bishan, are 2 long stretches of trumpet trees that burst into a fury of brilliant pinks and whites during certain periods of the year; by the expressway, random blossoming trees add bright dashes of colour to the roads; and some landed property boast a blossoming trumpet tree or two in their yard.

My point? It’s that beauty surrounds us everywhere – if only we would take the time to slow down and look around with a different eye. The grass might be just as green on this side, as it is on the other.

I won’t reveal the specific location of these trumpet trees (mainly just to the privacy of residences living there), but wander around Hougang Ave 1 and you might just be able to catch them (hint: they can be seen from the roadside, near and overhead bridge and some industrial buildings on the opposite side).

Made my way back to civilisation and because there was still a whole afternoon ahead, I went ahead with more shutter therapy.

Sakura Day Street PhotographySakura Day Street PhotographySakura Day Street PhotographySakura Day Street Photography
The neighbourhood cat lady feeding our cats.

Sakura Day Neighbourhood CatSakura Day Neighbourhood Cat
This  black kitty is the sweetest little thing ever! Her brother isn’t as friendly though.

Sakura Day Neighbourhood Cat Sakura Day Neighbourhood Cat
Xiao Hei, as MD and I have affectionately (and uncreatively) dubbed, is a cat with a distinct character of her own, and we just can’t help but adore her.

Sakura Day Neighbourhood Cat
…But I think I’ll leave this little lady as another story for another day (:


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    i love bombay cats! <3 <3 lol.

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    4 years ago

    You just got me to google ‘bombay cat’ and I likey what I see :DDDDD

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