Painting By The Sea

I haven’t painted in ages, mostly because I’ve been working digitally for almost a decade now. But recently, my love for traditional mediums was rekindled by Carol, a talented lady who’s wonderfully creative and passionate about all forms of art.

One day, Carol invited me to join her on a quick art jamming session, so we packed our bags and headed to the beach – very convenient because she lives just by the coast :)

It was cloudy with a light drizzle, and the sea was a creamy, buttery shade of aquamarine.

Carol uses oils for most of her paintings – just look at that gorgeous palette with that beautiful array of colours!

And here’s her interpretation of the scenery with a sweet little story behind it. I love how the ship seems to represent strength in solitude, making its way through the sea as a storm is brewing in the distance.

Before starting, I’d made mental notes on the scenery, and it was challenging but much fun mixing the colours together to get the shade that I had in my mind.

One thing I gathered was that I should be mixing in larger portions on the palette, like what Carol had done, because it’s difficult to get back that same colour once it’s been used up. I messed up a few times because I got the second batch of colours ‘wrong’. At one point, there was a big black blotch on the sea, haha! Then again I had some interesting results with the colour variations too, so that wasn’t all bad :)

When we were finally done, the sky had dimmed, and the faraway ships had their lights on – pretty little spots of yellows and whites twinkling in the dark.

Here’s my final piece – a forested area to the right of the beach that had large, tall trees just at the edge of the coast, and dreamy ships in the distance.

I love, love, loved the session with Carol.

It was great to have someone else painting together with me – a silent but comfortable kind of companionship. It was also a wonderful feeling to sit under the open sky by the sea, with nothing but a blank canvas, paintbrushes and a palette of colours, wind in my hair and the grass under my feet; to just immerse and create. As the day ended, I realized that it was just the thing I needed – therapy for the soul.

The sea has always calmed my nerves and soothed me, so what better way to pay tribute than with a heartfelt painting. Thank you Carol for asking me along. Until the next painting session!

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