Our Renovation Journey: The Mood Board

Table Of Contents

  1. Our Renovation Journey
  2. Introduction
  3. Selecting a Contractor
  4. The Mood Board
  5. List of Works Done
  6. Problems Encountered
  7. Hacking and Plastering
  8. Tiling
  9. Taobao Loots
  10. Kitchen Appliances
  11. Issues Encountered Part 1
  12. Issues Encountered Part 2
  13. Brick Walls
  14. Electrical Works
  15. The Finished Look + Final Review and Contacts



living-bedroom-moodboard kitchen-moodboard bathroom-moodboard

Here are our mood boards.

Bear and I agreed very early on to have a cafe-inspired, rustic – industrial theme. After months of pinteresting, I spent another 4-5 weeks chiseling at our initial concept (and submitting them to the ‘art-director’ for approval every night before bedtime), until we arrived at our final theme – ‘Parisian-Chic’ in black, white and wood.

Living + Bedroom + Kitchen
Our first idea was to do a 80% white, 20% black white with wood accents. Later on, I decided to break the monotony of an all-white look, and do an opposing colour scheme instead. The final colour scheme:

Living room: Dark wood flooring + white walls + white carpentry
Kitchen: White/black flooring + white walls + dark wood carpentry

In order to soften the stark harshness of the black & white combination, we’ll be adding in lots of wooden accents, cozy fabrics, some rust/metal/glass textures, and plenty of  dried flowers. An industrial look won’t be complete without black aluminium, so we’ll be throwing in a sliding black aluminium-framed door at the kitchen entrance for good measure. And yes, craftstone bricks and track lights.

These ideas have been done to death. BUT, I believe that even something so frequently rehashed, can still be given a new breath of life, just by changing an interesting detail here and there. Lets see how things go from here :)

For the bathroom, I wanted to break away from all that white, and do something different from the rest of the interior. So we decided to go with a very rustic, raw look, resort-like concept. The initial idea of cement screed walls was scraped after contractor M insisted that it was an extremely bad idea, explaining to us that even in a dry areas, cement screed walls (in the bathroom) are prone to cracks and water leakage. So we relented, and decided to replace it with concrete looking tiles. We’ll also be throwing in either tiny hanging loft lights in front of the mirror, or a false ceiling with downlights.

Next up: renovation needs, requirements and details!


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