Our Renovation Journey: Issues Encountered Part 2

Table Of Contents

  1. Our Renovation Journey
  2. Introduction
  3. Selecting a Contractor
  4. The Mood Board
  5. List of Works Done
  6. Problems Encountered
  7. Hacking and Plastering
  8. Tiling
  9. Taobao Loots
  10. Kitchen Appliances
  11. Issues Encountered Part 1
  12. Issues Encountered Part 2
  13. Brick Walls
  14. Electrical Works
  15. The Finished Look + Final Review and Contacts



Since there’s just way too much backlog to catch up on, I’ve decided to change my posting format and do shorter, more bite-sized updates.

So today, Bear went down to the house and finally managed to catch our dear friend, the head tiler. The last time we saw him was 2 weeks, just before CNY. Because of the lack of contact, I had been feeling SO jittery these past two weeks. Honestly, after reading so many horror stories, I couldn’t help but imagine tha the same would happen to us (ok lah, I’m also a kanchiong spider). So I was SO RELIEVED today to find out that most of the craftstone bricks in our living room has been laid (I hesitate to phrase is like this, but have no other way of saying it LOL).

However, we found out today that our ceiling is slanted *horrors*. The difference from one end to another is actually 30cm! We would either have to stick the wire trunking on to the ceiling, or have a row of gradually widening brick. Fortunately, our clever head tiler came up with a solution – to tile and do the trunking as per usual, then use plaster to seal up the gaps above the trunking. Just brilliant and I effing love him!

Anyways, two main issues cropped up over the past few weeks. Or rather, two issues that we had been unable to tell head tiler about.

Issue 1
This bathroom shower seat.


In fact I was really quite unhappy, even though he probably had our best intentions at heart. So this was what happened.

As much as I don’t want to be a nitpicky homeowner, this seat really got me quite depressed. My inital request was for a simple, rectangular block of seat. And when I say rectangular, I mean rectangular! Not odd shaped, with some parts sticking out, or a rounded corner. Even the rounded edge, that he must have done with our safety in mind. And I appreciate that, but it just looks….:(

So after communicating all this to head tiler today, I’m still not satisfied with his suggestion of (merely) adding on a square corner so that it isn’t rounded anymore. I have already given Bear instructions and we will see how it goes tomorrow.

Meanwhile, off-topic a little. All of this sparked a new idea in me…a concrete bathroom vanity! See images below:

(taken from pinterest)

(taken from pinterest)

Don’t ask me how I managed to link a bathroom seat to a concrete sink. Anyway, I’m super excited about this new idea. But also very nervous because I don’t know if it can be done or not. Keeping fingers crossed!

Issue 2
The grout colour.

Notice how WHITE it is in the picture…I actually asked for dark grey – black grout that would blend in with the tiles. And head tiler agreed with me. So I was REALLY VERY upset when I saw how the grout had turned out. I actually asked Bear many times if the grout was already in or not, hoping against hope that MAYBE the grout wasn’t in yet. But of course, it was lah. Sigh :( Knowing how difficult it is to change grout colour, I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this as well.


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