Our Renovation Journey: Hacking and Plastering

Table Of Contents

  1. Our Renovation Journey
  2. Introduction
  3. Selecting a Contractor
  4. The Mood Board
  5. List of Works Done
  6. Problems Encountered
  7. Hacking and Plastering
  8. Tiling
  9. Taobao Loots
  10. Kitchen Appliances
  11. Issues Encountered Part 1
  12. Issues Encountered Part 2
  13. Brick Walls
  14. Electrical Works
  15. The Finished Look + Final Review and Contacts



Day 1-2, Hacking

On the first day, we made a trip down at night with my cousins to discuss how the pipes and other electrical wiring should be run, and saw that the entire place was already torn down! 2 bathroom doors taken down in the kitchen, 2 sinks removed, even the WC. We initially wanted to retain the WC because it was a brand new one, but realized that it isn’t possible when the bathroom floor is being hacked.


It was an uneventful trip, but still exciting nonetheless. There wasn’t much to see except for a pile of rubble. I did note that after hacking down the kitchen entrance wall, the entire place seems much roomier and spacious!


Anyone noticed the orbs in the picture? Hahaha. I was a little freaked out by them. But everyone else tells me that it’s just dust (how boring is that!).

Day 3-6, Plastering

The next day, we met the masonry dudes (two Malaysian dudes) for the first time! And found that they had sealed the wrong bathroom entrance in the kitchen :( BUT these guys work really fast. The next day, the correct entrances were already sealed and hacked respectively. Much respect for them.

This incident, however, cemented into us (no pun intended) the importance for us, as owners, to do our due dilligence and carry out checks as often as possible. You never know what might go wrong, and even a difference of one day could potentially cost you, especially as the renovation progresses.


Holes drilled into the wall to prepare for the craftstone bricks.

The mess was already cleared, and cement works were now in progress. Chop chop currypok.

View of the kitchen from the bathroom. That’s some massive, massive cementing going on!

Stacks of premix material used for the cementing.

The workers slap on the cement, and then smoothen everything out with these long metal rods. This chap (excuse the semi-nakedness) is the swift and silent kind. The entire time we were there, he worked endlessly, wordlessly and tirelessly, slapping and smoothening the entire bathroom, all by himself. Respect!

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    Hi Ling, I was wondering if you could share who your ID/contractor with me by email?
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