Our Renovation Journey: Brick walls

Table Of Contents

  1. Our Renovation Journey
  2. Introduction
  3. Selecting a Contractor
  4. The Mood Board
  5. List of Works Done
  6. Problems Encountered
  7. Hacking and Plastering
  8. Tiling
  9. Taobao Loots
  10. Kitchen Appliances
  11. Issues Encountered Part 1
  12. Issues Encountered Part 2
  13. Brick Walls
  14. Electrical Works
  15. The Finished Look + Final Review and Contacts



Picking up from where I last left off (before the carpentry post).

So, after the CNY week, our contractor gave himself and his workers a “nice” 2 week long “holiday”, which in turn really cost us a lot of time. Our initial plan was to have everything done by the 1st week of march, clean up by 2nd week, and move in by 3rd. But it’s already the 3rd week now, and we’ve only just started on the carpentry. Because everything is linked together, the carpentry wasn’t able to commence (carpenter didn’t want to come down until after the plumbing rectifications and electrical works were complete) and so everything came to a standstill. But that’s over now and things are starting to move again, so that’s cool. Anyway, here’s whats been going on so far. I’ll start with the brick walls first.

Brick Walls

Our brick walls are located in the living room and bedroom, and are about 6.5m in the living, and 3m in the bedroom. The walls are really not the colour that I was expecting. It’s kind of a dirty, rough grey-cream. But it’s kind of  grown on me now, and I quite like the look. We’re still deciding on this however.



Closeup of the bricks. Bear instructed the tiler to lay it as unevenly as possible to give it that raw, rustic and unpolished look. Tiler nodded his head and told Bear that he’s been doing these forever, lol.


I guess our tiler works really quickly, because these brick walls were done in about 2.5 days. Initially I felt like it looked weird, then I realized that the ‘grout’ was missing. Which resulted in a lot of ‘dark’ gaps around the walls. Bear liked the look, but I felt that it was really too raw, so I insisted that the grout had to be filled in. Plus, leaving it unfilled would have caused it to turn into a dust and insects haven. Total no go.



Here’s the bedroom wall with the white grout filled in.


And here’s the bedroom brick wall, already painted white by us. Btw, why did we have to paint it on our own? Because our contractor, apparently, did not include the cost of painting  brick walls into his quotation. Are brick walls not walls in the house? *Shrug* Go figure.

Anyway, we really love it now. Much neater and cleaner. Right now, we’re still deciding on whether to paint the living room white or not. We’ll probably be waiting till the furniture is in to see how everything looks like together.




  • 2 years ago

    Was just about to ask how’s ur house-moving over the weekend! The painted brick wall looks more finished.. but yeah it really depends on the overall feel u want. jia you jia you!

    • 2 years ago

      Thank you thank you! Yes, it’s finally coming to a close soon. Plus we need to rush to finish it by this week, cos March will be Qing Ming already.

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