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A little while back, I got hold of an iPad mini, and it hasn’t left my side since then. At least, not for a period of longer than 6 hours (aka when I’m asleep).

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Of course as with all other Apple products that we’ve grown accustomed to, this little beauty comes in a neat little package, with standard accessories. The only thing is, it doesn’t include an earpiece, which would have been an additional bonus, but not anything that I couldn’t live without.

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There is a drawback to this, however. The iPad mini uses a different cable from its predecessors. Which means that I now have to go about searching for 2 charging units, instead of just one.

Why I love the iPad mini.
Now, here’s where it gets fun. The iPad mini is extremely light. Where its larger siblings feel hefty and clumsy in my hands, the mini – at half the weight of an iPad, is practically weightless.

Ok, I exaggerate.

But have a go, pick one up, and the difference would hit you instantly. With the older iPad, I can only carry it around for 10-15 minutes max, before I begin scanning around for a table to lay it on. With the mini…well lets just say that I don’t even want to let go of it; and if I’m traveling around a lot, I won’t even feel as if it’s weighing me down.

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The iPad mini is also very, very slim. Almost 1/3 slimmer than an iPhone4, in fact. It’s really just the size of an ordinary notebook (of the paper variety).

2013-04-16 12.58.45 HDR2013-04-16 12.59.51 HDR
This means that I can easily slot my mini into a little handbag or purse, and not worry about it taking up much space at all.

2013-04-24 12.10.44 HDR copy
Need to get a presentation done at the last minute? Just whip ’em up with apps such as “Quickoffice” and “Docs Unlimited” – excel spreadsheets, powerpoints, you name it, they’ve got it.

Wanna read magazines such as “Her World”, “Cleo”, even “8 Days”, but dislike purchasing magazines that just lay around collecting dust, because you can’t bear to throw them away? Get the e-version, and read them on the go instead, like a 10-in-1 mini magazine. Don’t even get me started on free ebooks from epub !

So really, to sum it all up, I love the iPad mini for its superior blend of portability AND. functionality. I’m not a gadgety kind of girl, but iPad mini, you had me at hello.

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