Canelé, Plaza Singapura

Edit: Canelé is no longer located at Plaza Singapura.

As a mini-celebration for Mia’s brand new career-path, hurray!! – SL and I were treated to…Canelé, at Plaza Singapore. For some reason, Canelé reminds me of canary, lol. Here are some shots of the day.

Canele At Plaza Singapura Canele At Plaza Singapura
The Canelé interior – their trademark midnight-blue theme, coupled with grey craftstone walls that are highlighted softly with warm yellow lights – reminds me of a warm, moonlit night in fairyland. A delightful place for you to curl up in the soft seats, and share a cozy little moment with your bestie, over hot tea and sweet pastries.

Canele At Plaza Singapura
The Canelé branch at PS is located in the new PS wing, smack in the center of the traffic flow of shoppers. When we got there, it was near closing time. But lucky us :D We managed to snag a cozy little nook right at the back of Canelé, where we were able to plot out a luxurious little maraconial feast of our own – 6 different flavours of macarons, and our own little pots of tea.

Canele At Plaza SingapuraCanele At Plaza Singapura
I am no foodie – so I won’t always be able to give the most accurate food reviews/blog posts.

But when I say something is delicious, PLEASE BELIEVE ME.

I had my very first taste of macarons at the Marriott Hotel’s buffet dinner. That was pretty awful, and for the next, sad few months of my life, I truly believed that macarons were mouthfuls of sour tasting crap. I almost gave up on them. I even went around telling everyone how macarons sucked (no thanks to Marriott).

Until my experience at Canele’s.

Canele Macarons At Plaza SingapuraCanele Macarons At Plaza Singapura
The macarons are absolutely MOUTHWATERING! Soft and crunchy outside (if you don’t know how that’s even possible, use your imagination), and as you sink your teeth in slowly, a delightful liquid-cream flavour oozes out to surprise you. I gobbled up 2-3 pieces, and greedily asked for more. It’s really that good, so much much thanks to Mia for this yummy treat.

If you haven’t visited Mia yet, please drop by her blog at today, a blog loaded with helpful reviews, and home to the fuzziest little bunny ever :)

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road #01-55 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
(65) 6837 2252(65) 6837 2252
Opening Hours
Mondays to Sundays : 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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