Shoe Review: Aldo + Mitju

April Comfy Heels Review Aldo + Mitju

Heels. Every woman has a love affair with them. Or at least, almost every woman. I’ve had a lifelong battle with heels. My philosophy for heels is somewhat similar to the one I have for men – can’t live with them, can’t live without them. On some days, it seems almost more difficult to find the perfect pair of heels than the perfect boyfriend.

I love how heels elongate my legs, and how they add an instant touch of glamour and elegance to just about any outfit I’m in.

But Houston, we’ve got a problem. I have what is known as “high arched feet”.

So every few months or so, I embark on a Comfy Heels Hunt. The purpose of my Comfy Heels Hunt is a no-brainer: to source out the most comfortable heels for every day use. In order to make a satisfactory purchase, I make sure that the heels fulfil these 3 main criteria, always.

1. Are they too big for me?

I have skinny legs. People sometimes tell me they’re slender, bless their souls.

In any case, many shoes look bad on me. I mean in that oversized, young-lady-are-you-wearing-your-mother’s-shoes-again, bad. So really, even without my high arched problem, I have a more difficult time looking for heels than most people. I stay away from platform shoes for this reason. I also avoid maryjanes because the straps cut across my ankles, resulting in that unflattering, inverted pyramid look.

2. Can I walk with ease in them?

There can be absolutely no compromise on this one. None.

I’ve made the mistake in the past of buying pretty shoes in spite of the high discomfort level. As a result, I collected shelf after shelf of pretty, but untouchable heels. Refer to the infograph I have done up above for a comparison chart.

Always, always stay focused on buying only the most comfortable shoes. During the test-run, there should absolutely be no hobbling, no biting, and no pinched toes – this is especially so for peep-toes.

3. Are they versatile?

This one seems self-explanatory, but maybe it’s not.

The lure of a beautiful pair of heels with sheer lace trimming, fancy velvet ribbons and chic buckles is not to be underestimated. However, fashion loves to throw a curved ball in the form of “Design and Colour Principal”.

Although many people might beg to differ, I’m from the firm school of thought that there should be no more than 3-4 main colours on every outfit, shoes inclusive. And so it’s important to remember that the colours of your shoes (and bags, for that matter) should be taken into equal consideration when putting together an outfit.

That said, here are my Comfy Heels for the month of April.

Mitju, sea-green peep-toe wedges, S$19.90

Mitju Green WedgesMitju Green Wedgeslingslovelythings-mitju-greenwedges2

This pretty sea-green pair came at a discounted price of $19.90.

Worn to add a pop of colour to an otherwise dreary outfit, this is perfect for that summery look that’s been trending for several seasons now.

There’s absolutely no problem at the toe-box area, right from day one, and I only started feeling the pinch after many hours of walking around. If you have high-arched feet like me, you might just know how painful it can get. So imagine how much I love these heels!

These don’t carry as strong a glam-factor as the rest because of the low heels. Still, they’re perfect for an everyday office look. Heck. For $19.90, I think it’s an awesome find!

Mitju, black peep-toe tweed wedges, S$39.90

Mitju Black Wedges Mitju Black Wedges Mitju Black Wedges

Because of the tiny top-lifts, I have problems balancing in these. I’m not a fan of kitten-heels for this reason too. I need something that gives me good balance whilst walking or standing. Fortunately, these black wedges make up for that problem with the soft lining and comfortable toe-box, and that classic tweed appeal.

Black is an essential colour that no shoe collection should do without. So every time I do a shoe haul, I remember to throw in a black pair as well. It’s a totally basic and can’t-go-wrong pair, so I slip these on when I don’t wish to deal with the hassle of mixing and matching, and I’m to good to go.

Aldo, nude peep-toe heels, S$150

Aldo Nude HeelsAldo Nude HeelsAldo Nude Heels

Finally, my favourite pair of the lot.

These Aldos come with a smooth, curved platform that makes the heels much more wearable than they might look. The soles top-lifts were very slippery though, so I made sure to ask for anti-slip sole pads from the Aldo salespeople. For sure, I do hate ruining¬† soles adhesive pads, but it’s really not a dealbreaker for me.

Nudes are a must-have, without a doubt. There’s no denying the chicness and elegance that a pair of nudes with black trimming carry, not to mention how the nude tone adds about an extra mile to your legs. It’s versatile too, looking demure when paired with a cream, lacey shift dress, or a sexy pair of denim jeans and a chiffon blouse.

So there are my essential heels for the month of April that are actually wearable in spite of my problematic, high-arched feet.

What are some of the ways that you make your heels selection?


  • 4 years ago

    The green mitju ones are so pretty! Mitju shoes are generally comfy but not hardy at all….

  • lingslovelythings
    4 years ago

    I’ve never bought mitju shoes because they always looked too big! Should really start paying more attention to them now.

    • 4 years ago

      Try out their loafers. Superrrrr comfy. But it lasted me 3 weeks? :(

      • lingslovelythings
        4 years ago

        Well I guess for the comfort, I’m willing to give it a go! Speaking of loafers, Hushpuppies have suuuper comfy ones too.

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