Backstage at Mama Mia | mammamia

I’m no stranger to behind-the-scenes work. I’ve toiled for hours on end in my own backstage, although I’m mostly trapped in a dreary room, table (mostly) neat and tidy, save for a few pens and notebooks and a laptop. But in the business of musicals and theater with the likes of the hugely successful and widely received Mamma Mia, nothing is dreary or mundane.

Wanna know what exactly goes on behind all that glitz and glam? Join me on a backstage tour on the set of the musical Mamma Mia! at Alvinology, where also I’ll be doing weekly / bi-weekly guest posts on some seriously fun stuff :)


  • 3 years ago

    as usual, that was tons of awesome photos you took! :) and everything sound so fun and exciting. heh!
    couldn’t decide to comment over at alvinology or here…. but i still prefer here. ;p

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